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What is ram memory
How do you install ram memory
Difference between types of ram memory
How does virtual memory address work
How the computer stores ram memory
What does Conventional memory mean
How does Cache memory effect the system
What is DDR ram memory modules
What is EDO ram memory modules
What is Rambus ram memory modules
What is Sdram ram memory modules
What is read only memory (ROM)
What does Extended memory mean
What does Upper Memory Area mean
Why didn't Bubble memory get popular
What are they using DDR3 memory for
What they used drum memory for
What is Flash memory and its uses
What is the uses of Registered memory
How does video ram help a computer
What is a simm memory module
How does memory refresh work
What will happen with XDR DRAM
What is sgram used for
Proper ways to use a ram drive or ram disk
What can static ram do
Why do servers use parity (EEC) ram
How did Dram come about
What are the uses for eeprom
Difference Between types of Ram Memory

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Semiconductor RAM is produced as integrated circuits (ICs). RAM ICs are often assembled into plug-in modules. Some standard module types are:

  • Single in-line Pin Package (SIP)
  • Dual in-line Package (DIP)
  • Single in-line memory module (SIMM)
  • Dual in-line memory module (DIMM)
  • Rambus modules are actually DIMMs, but are often referred to (by Rambus themselves and others) as RIMMs due to their proprietary slot.
  • Small outline DIMM (SO-DIMM). Smaller version of the DIMM, used in laptops. Comes in versions with 72 (32 bit), 144 (64 bit), 200 (72 bit) pins
  • Small outline RIMM (SO-RIMM)
  • Various RAM packages. From top to bottom: DIP 16-pin, SIPP, SIMM 30-pin, SIMM 72-pin, DIMM, DDR DIMM.

    "Here are the various used ram memory we have in stock."
    16mb EDO used Ram Memory 32mb EDO used Ram Memory 64mb EDO used Ram Memory
    32mb Sdram used Ram Memory 64mb Sdram used Ram Memory 128mb Sdram used Ram Memory
    256mb Sdram used Ram Memory 512mb Sdram used Ram Memory 1gig Sdram used Ram Memory
    128mb DDR used Ram Memory 256mb DDR used Ram Memory 512mb DDR used Ram Memory
    128mb Laptop used Ram Memory 256mb Laptop used Ram Memory 512mb Laptop used Ram Memory